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Extra Long Windows


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We need faux wood blinds to block out direct sun but take advantage of great views. However, the windows are six feet wide and nine feet tall. We have been told that that is too big for any type of blind. Is that true? What are alternate products? We are also on a budget.



Your windows are large yet not too large for blinds. But when ordering blinds for such large windows you need to realize that such a large blinds is very heavy to lift. Therefore you should:
  • Use a lighter weight blind. Real wood or aluminum are lighter weight than faux wood.

  • Take the blinds from a high quality company. Regardless of which type of blind you choose, the shade will still be heavy. A heavy shade can cause more wear and tear to the cords, so a high quality blind will be stronger and last longer.

  • Another idea that is very often used to make the window covering easier to lift is to divide it into multiple blinds. Each blind will be lighter and easier to lift.

    The drawback of using multiple blinds is that you need to lift each shade separately which is a pain and the extra cords can look a bit messy. Yet even with these drawbacks its still preferable than to lift an extra heavy blind.

    Even if you use multiple blinds, it is recommended to follow the advice of using light-weight blinds from a good quality company, since even when divided, nine foot blinds are heavy to lift.

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