Energy Saving Window Treatments

Are you looking for ideas for energy saving window treatments?

stop throwing money out of the window

Even if you are not, you should be. Windows make up 20 percent of the typical home’s exterior and 40 percent in contemporary construction, numerous large, uncovered windows can break your energy budget in the summer.

After reading all those scary numbers, let me ask you a question. “Do you want to throw your money out the window?” I’m sure you don’t! But let me tell you a secret, it happens to the best of us.

Now I’ll expose you to some energy saving window treatment tips that will reduce your energy bill and let you keep your money so you can use it for things that you can enjoy and not to support the utility companies.

For example closing the window shades!!! Yes, closing the window shades can save you a pretty penny. Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to close your window shades all the time sometimes you can even save energy with an open shade. You have to know how and when.

Tip #1: Close your shades

It’s a hot summer day and the sun is baking through your windows. Now close the shade and block the heat from the sun from coming in. Wow! That was simple and you’re saving energy.

In the winter though you wouldn’t want to keep your shades down you want to open them to let the sunshine pour in, warm your rooms, this will cut your heating expense. Yes, sunlight is for free. . .

So remember! Closed in the summer, open in the winter. Don’t mix it up!

But that is only when the sun shines, in the winter as soon as the sun goes down close all your shades and drapes you don’t want the heat to run out of your window.

Does that mean that you have to sit in the dark all summer and not enjoy the sun? Absolutely not! That brings us to our next tip.

Tip #2: Redirect the sunlight

If you have horizontal blinds tilt them towards the ceiling so that the sunlight reflects onto the ceiling and since heat rises it does not come back down to you but you can still enjoy the sunlight.

Tip #3 Insulation

Did you know that according to the U. S. Department of Energy putting up energy saving window coverings like insulated shades is “more cost-effective” than putting in energy efficient windows?

Trapped air works as a marvelous insulator, just as energy efficient windows work by trapping air between two glasses, many energy saving window treatments work in this manner, too.

For example did you know that the more folds drapery panels have, the level of insulation is increased making it one of the most energy efficient window coverings?

Cellular (honeycomb) shades were created for insulation. By combining two layers of pleated shades each facing the opposite direction, cells are formed in a honeycomb shape. Air is trapped inside these cells for an additional layer of insulation.

This energy saving window treatment was expanded on with double cells and triple cells and with Architella which is a cell within a cell.

Tip #4 Diffuse the Light

Now what if you want to have a view.

Okay you don’t want to open the shade because all the sunlight will come in and heat up the house but you still want to look out. Well that’s a tough one, right? No! You can still diffuse the sunlight! Sheer fabrics soften sunlight so that it does not come in full force so you can enjoy looking out.

Enter Silhouette®! This unique energy saving window treatment does the trick! It has soft vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics. The sheer fabrics diffuse the sunlight, the vanes control the light, and since air gets trapped between the fabrics and the vanes it serves as an insulator.

So you get the light, you get a pleasant view without having to squint in the sun; you even get UV protection, privacy when you need it, a beautiful stylish window treatment, and you save ENERGY.

Tip #4 White Backings

Did you ever wonder why most window coverings have white backings? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate that the backing should be the same color as the front? Hey it’s even more practical that way! But as we all know dark colors pull heat towards itself and you don’t want to do that when you’re trying to stay cool.

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