Fabric for Drapery and Valances:

Which ones are right?

drapery fabricUsing the correct fabric for drapery, valances, and curtains is the key factor in how rich the window treatment will look.

Valances and drapery need to be made with appropriate drapery fabrics, since the type of fabric used can have a dramatic effect on how the valance or drapery looks.

The key factor is drape-ability: Does the fabric flow or fall intofolds in an attractive manner?

Stiff, heavy, and bulky fabrics will not let itself flow into the pleats and folds of the drapery or valance style.

Thin and limp fabrics, on the other hand, will not have enough body to hold itself in shape. This could be remedied, though, by adding interlining between the fabric and the lining. Interlining gives the fabric the bulk and body it is missing.

On the other and it is important to consider the usability factor. How much use will the drapery get? Is it in a place where children or pets have access, or is it in a formal or less used setting? Once you know the answer to these questions you can know how much you should consider how easily the fabric can get cleaned or creased. High maintenance fabrics should only be considered for low use areas.

Here are some commonly used fabric for drapery.


When talking about looks, silk fabric is a dream for drapery and valances with its gentle shine and graceful flow. The downside is that while silk is a strong fabric, its fibers are delicate, and are prone to be destroyed by by the sun through fading or rotting. this can be reduced by lining and interlining the silk fabric.

Faux Silk

Faux Silk has the luxurious look of silk but does not wear like silk. It is a good alternative for those who would love to have silk draperies but want something more practical and less expensive.


The name Jacquard refers to the weave rather than the type of fiber. It has intricate designs, like embossed effect and contrasting surfaces, all created by the weaving of the fabric.


Velvet is a luxurious fabric characterized by cut pile forming a surface resembling fur. Its high luster and smooth hand create beautiful, graceful folds of fabric.

Here you can see some of our fabrics that we use with the custom made draperies and valances we sell on this website:

Click on the thumbnails for more colors and closer view:

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