Drapery Rings and Hooks

Hanging Draperies

Drapery rings and hooks are the right supplies to use when hanging draperies if you want it done the professional way.

This is a single most important trick if you want your draperies to look right and not amateurish. It will make it look natural like it belongs, and not gaudy.

Now when do you use hooks, rings, or grommets?

It depends on the type of drapery you have.

Drapery Hooks

Hooks or pins are used with wall and traverse rod draperies. The hooks are attached to the opposite side of the fabric remaining hidden from view and are not part of the decor; they simply perform the function of attaching the drapery to the wall or rod. This is a behind the scenes beauty; making the window treatment look right while staying hidden.

Drapery Rings

These are used to attach draperies to poles or rods. The rings are made from all types of materials, like wood, iron, bamboo, etc. and will either match or complement the the pole it adorns.

Similar to shower curtain clips, yet with so much more style, they have little eyelets on the bottom and they attach to the drapery via clips.

Drapery Grommets

drapery grommet

This is a contemporary way of hanging drapery. The drapery is hung onto the rod by stringing the pole through the grommets, which look like eyelets, while folding the drapery in a fanlike fashion.

Originally, the grommets were for more simple draperies where unpleated fabric was used, but now they are used for pleated draperies (like the photo above) which proves that it can be used in elegant settings, too.

There are other ways of hanging draperies as it is a very creative line and new ideas come out all the time. Check our other drapery pages for more ideas and tips.

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