Drapery Holdback and Tieback Ideas

No drapery is complete without something to hold it in place.

Drapery holdbacks and tiebacks are an ideal way to combine fashion and function.

First, what's the difference between a holdback and a tieback?

A drapery tieback is soft. It is made from fabric or cord.

Drapery hold backs on the other hand, are rigid and decorative being made from wood, brass, metal, or iron. They are usually designed to match other drapery hardware like poles and finials.

Drapery Holdbacks

leaf holdback

Hook style holdbacks will keep curtains and lighter draperies in place. This kind attaches to the wall and the hook-shape goes around the fabric. The hook ends with a decorative object.

The reason hook hold backs are not used for thicker or lined draperies is because they are usually too skimpy to hold all that bulk.


Medallions can be used as holdbacks for larger draperies. the medallion is attached to a post that keeps the drapery in place.

Post holdbacks are not only used for medallions, any decorative element can be attached to a post to create a hold back.

Drapery Tiebacks

drapery tie back

Here are some tieback ideas:

  • Fabric and tied with a bow.

  • Twisted cord and ending with a decorative tassel

  • Ribbon woven through eyelet trim with ribbon bow.

A unique alternative would be combining a holdback with a tieback on one drapery.

Where do you position the holdbacks or tiebacks?

Placement of the tieback or holdback is very important if you want the drape to fall softly.

It should be attached either one third down from the top of the drapery panel or one third of the way up from the bottom of the panel.

Either way, the drapery panels will fall gracefully with a soft curve framing the windows.

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