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3 windows in a row on 1 wall

by Amy


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I have this set up in both my living room and master bedroom. I would like to put up window treatments, but don't know how many panels to do.

In both rooms the windows are pretty drafty. I would like to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

I was thinking about doing a heavier drape. In the master bedroom the drapes will most likely be closed all the time. In the living room I may want them open during the day for some natural light, but then want them closed at night.

Do I do six panels? four? two?

I don't have a clue!

Also, I prefer the look of 1 rod across all 3 windows.

Thank you!


Heavy drapes are great for insulation. Just make sure that they are wide enough (two times the width of the area you are covering) because it's mainly when the drapery fabric is folded and doubled that it provides insulation. When there are folds in drapery the air gets trapped in the fold and these air pockets are keep the heat or cold from passing through.

How many panels to use?

You want them to be wide enough and not too heavy. Although using just two panels sounds the easiest you have to keep these things in mind. When using just two panels you might end up with skimpy drapes or too heavy drapes.

You can use three panels one for each window if you have stacking space between the windows to stack the drapes. You can also add a fourth panel on the other side to make it look more uniform.

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Drapery for three windows in a row


I have three windows 36w by 60L approximately 2 ft up from the floor of my bedroom and 2 feet from the ceiling of a cathedral ceiling.

I already have pull down shades on the windows so I'm looking for decoration only.

My windows are separated by 45" of wall. I thought I might make panels on the ends and then cover the 45" space with a 81" of gold striped faux silk.

Should I hang them from one continuous rod? Any ideas would be so appreciated!


So you are going to have four panels two on the outside and two between windows (one between window one and two and one between window two and three). In this case you will need to use one continuous rod.

If you use three separate rods for each window you will need to use six panels, two surrounding each window.

Which way to do it is personal preference. With the first continuous rod version, the drapery will give focus to all three windows in unity. The second version will concentrate on per window decoration.

For drapery rod choices you can read more about drapery accessories here.

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