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Are you looking for Entry Door Window Treatments or Sidelight Window Treatments?

Even if your entry door is prettied up with glass like sidelights and fanlights there is no reason you shouldn't be able to have view, light control, and privacy when needed, like you can with other windows.

Many entry door windows present unique challenges because of their unique shape, small size, or narrow width. But don't worry, whether your entry door has fan lights or sidelights or an oval insert or the like, we have the window covering solution for you.

Which solution are you looking for?

Sidelight Window Treatments

The tricky part of sidelight windows are, that they are much narrower than regular windows, and very few window treatments are made in such narrow widths like 5 or 6 inches.

cellular sidelights

The most popular solution is cellular shades . It is the only window treatments that can be pulled bottom up and top down in such a narrow width. I find it extremely versatile, because it provides view when open and privacy when closed. You can open it a little just from the top when you want a little more light while maintaining privacy. Also cellular shades come in the most shapes and sizes that are good for the other entry door window treatments and the rest of the room, making the whole room blend as one.

Wood Blinds also come in widths as narrow as 6" making it a good idea for sidelight windows. If you have wider sidelights you also have a wider range of options like aluminum blinds and vertical blinds.

luminette sidelights

Silhouette and Luminette are good choices for sidelight window coverings, however since they are so narrow they have limited operation; the vanes are tilt-only so you can alternate between privacy and muted view but they cannot be fully opened and closed. Another feature of the Silhouette is the low profile hardware system which is 60 percent smaller than the standard hardware system taking up less place.
Sheer curtains with curtain rods on top and bottom is a neat way to cover your sidelights especially if you are using the sunburst window treatment for the other accents of the entry door.

Fanlight Window Treatment

A fanlight or transom is a window above or embedded onto a door, usually arch or semi elliptical shape, with bars radiating out like a fan.

The fanlight became a more and more important part of the front entry door design during the 18th century. It was a unique way to let in light into the hallway.

You want to get the most use of your fanlight yet there are times it may annoy you, like when the sunlight glares in too strongly or when you want more privacy. So here are some cool entry door window treatment ideas that will help you enjoy your fanlight fully:

Fan shaped cellular shade

Whether you have a half-circle or half-elliptical fanlight above your door or embedded into your door we have a operable window treatment for you, that is constructed with cellular shade fabric and can be matched with the sidelights and other shades in the room.

This one is perfect for the small fanlight within the door:

fan door shade

This 25” wide x 13¼” high interior door shade fits entry doors with arch windows embedded into the door. This shade uses a central turn knob control and is easy to install with only 2 screws. Shades can be held open at any position. For more information of this door window shade

click here.

For the fanlight or transom above the door we have custom-made to size movable arch shades in the arch, eyebrow arch and elliptical shape. They can be fully opened and closed as needed.

elliptical arch

The Sunburst

The sunburst is made with shirred fabric, that is pulled together in the center bottom of the arch and spreads out on the edges. A rose or pouf from the same fabric is often used as an ornament.

It is usually made with sheers, because it should still allow light in and just soften it. Since it is a stationary window treatment that cannot be opened, it is important to use a fabric that meets the right balance of your needs at all times.

To make it match to your other entry door window treatments use sheer curtains for the sidelights like those mentioned above.

The sunburst window treatment for the transom fanlight can be custom made or you can make it yourself.

Other ideas for the transom windows like Silhouette or Shutters can be found at our arched window treatment page.

Oval Window Treatment

oval door

If your entry door is blessed with an oval glass insert, too, this will represent another challenge. This window will need a door window treatment that is an outside mount.

Since most oval window coverings are inside mount you are limited to two types of window treatments; the fabric sunburst and shutters and mock sunburst shutters . The fabric sunburst, the shutters, and the mock sunburst shutters can be custom ordered to fit the exact measurements.

However, for the do-it-yourself-ers we have a sunburst window kit with a flexible curtain rod that could be made to fit your oval window exactly.

Entry Door Window Treatments FAQ

I have never seen shades on a front entry door so do you think they will work?

We are struggling to find blinds/coverings that can move with the door . . .

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