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Back Door with window on upper half

by Joanne


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I have a window on the upper half of my back door that has a frame around it that protrudes 1/2 inch. I need some suggestions on what would be best to cover this window with.

I currently have it covered with white tissue paper. My other windows have 2" faux white wood blinds.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Joanne

You can put the faux wood blinds on this window, too. you just have to install it as an outside mount.

If you don't want the shades to knock onto the door when you open and close the door you can put hold-downs on the bottom of the window. With the hold-downs you won't be able to pull the shade up and down but you will still be able to tilt the blinds to allow sunlight and view when needed.

Check out our French door window treatment page for more ideas that you can use.

Good Luck.

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Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I put binds inside. Simply put the blind holders, that come with them, at the bottom. They won't swing when you open or close the door.

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Aluminum/Vinyl french door that can't be drilled into

by Patti


We have just installed an aluminum/vinyl single french patio door that opens inward. We want to cover it in a light, semi-transparent covering to let light in but have a little privacy, too.

The problem is, the window company installer told us that the warranty on the door will be voided if we drill any holes into the door in order to mount any hardware.

We can't mount any hardware on the walls nearby (for an outside mount) because of space limitations, and we also don't want to impede the opening and closing of the door, as it leads to our patio and will be used frequently.

I have tried a magnetic curtain rod, but as the door is aluminum, it doesn't work. I considered putting in a spring-tension rod as an inside mount with sheer curtains, but the depth of the glass within the vinyl frame is not deep enough to accommodate the rod.

I really would like something like a sash rod at top and bottom, with a sheer panel. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of hardware or window covering would work in this case, or do you know of a way to attach hardware without compromising the door's strength or warranty?

Thank you.


You can apply rods with adhesive. We have a rod that can be attached either by magnet or by adhesive (like in your case). This is the best solution for aluminum doors.

Also the rod is clear and will look great with sheer or lace fabrics.

Another idea to look into is window film. You can order window film pre-cut to fit your French doors. Window film can be installed and removed without any changes to the window or door itself.

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Nov 27, 2012
rod to be used with adhesive
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as Patty and would like to know where to buy the rod you mention that can be put on the aluminum door with adhesive.

Thank you!

Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi I also have aluminum doors. I bought the jumbo 3M command strips and a then light weight thin rod will sit right into the openings of the strip. Best of all if you decide to remove the strips no marks will be left

Nov 13, 2014
Our Solution!
by: Lisa

The magnetic rods with the adhesive tape option aren't great if you like to wash your curtains or want to easily change your curtains.

For $5 bucks at Lowe's you can purchase a small piece of "tin-like" material with steel-like properties in the metal. My sweetie cut four small pieces, one for each side of the magnetic rod. We cleaned the area on the door with alcohol. Used 3M replacement adhesive hook strips (sticky on both sides) to adhere the tin to the door. Then stuck the magnetic curtain rods to the tin.

Be sure to test the "tin" with a magnetic before purchasing.

Mine have been doing fine even with a small dog pawing at them when she needs out!

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Half lite glass door in master bedroom

by S Howes
(Calgary Alberta Canada)


We are building a new house and off the master bedroom is a small balcony on the second level. Builder standard is a Half lite door with clear glass.

My question is do you know of any product that can be applied to the glass so it looks frosted and what window covering options do I have. Not crazy about blinds banging against door evey time door is opened or closed.



Yes, something can definitely be applied to your window to make it look frosted. It's called window film.

Look through these window film options:

You can easily install them and if necessary remove and reuse them.

You can also check out ideas for window coverings that won't bang against your wall on our French door window treatment page.

Good Luck with your project!

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