Curved Curtain Rods
for Arched Curtains

Looking for curved curtain rods for your arched window curtains? This clear rod is flexible and you can bend it to you exact arch curve you need.

The flexible curtain rod is ideal for sheer arched curtains. It is made from a clear material and is therefore not visible through sheer fabric.

Don't worry if you want to use a different type of fabric, you are not limited to using sheer fabric, other fabrics work fine with it too.

Arched Curtain Rods

arched curtain

This is the same kit as our sunburst window treatment kit however the fabric gets measured differently.

You follow the instructions (that come with the kit) for measuring the width of the fabric. But since you will need two panels, you will have to divide the fabric in two. (Don't forget to add a seam allowance for each side of the panel).

The length, though is measured according to the full length of the window, leaving some extra length to work with after hanging the curtains. This will enable you to customize an affect, like a hem or puddling.

You snap the rod into clips in the arch while bending the rod into shape (like the instructions say), however you do not follow the instructions for making the sunburst.

Once the curtain is hanging from the curved curtain rod, you adjust the length of the curtain. You can then remove it from the window, by snapping it out of the clips, to sew the hem.

Afterwards you just finish it off like any other curtain by adding hold backs or tiebacks for a finishing touch.

Outside mount

If your window ledge is less than 1/2" deep you will need to do an outside mount. The curved curtain rod will project 2-1/2 inches from the wall. The height of the rounded part of the arch can be 4 to 14 inches. So if you need to outside mount it will only work with either smaller arches with widths up to 28 inches or for eyebrow and elliptical arch windows.

Each kit includes two (one pair) outside mount side brackets and the 92" kit also includes one center support bracket. Additional brackets can be purchased as needed.

Arched Curtain Rod Kit

Tip: To get the right length of rod needed for your window, measure the rounded part of the arch. Multiple kits can be combined for larger windows.

46 inch Arched Curtain Rod Kit $23.95

92 inch Arched Curtain Rod Kit $32.95

Center support bracket $2.95

Pair of outside mount side brackets $7.95

*Kits do not include fabric.

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