New Curtain Ideas

When you think of curtain ideas what do you think of? Is it your grandmother's old set of polyester curtains that she bought by J. C. Penney? If so, don't despair. Today's custom curtains are completely different.


Here are some curtain ideas for you:

Curtain fabrics

Starting from the huge range of fabrics to choose from like:

Dotted Swiss - which is a pretty and delicate lightweight cotton with small raised dots.

Lace - known for its delicate mesh openwork design.

Organza - a lightweight crisp cotton sheer also known as organdy.

Toile - a cotton fabric with a finely printed design that looks like a pen and ink drawing.

Calico - a cotton fabric with small floral print on a contrasting background.

Also very common;y used are sheers , chintz, linen, and muslin and more.

Curtain styles

Here are some curtain styles and designs:

Cafe curtains - cover only the lower half of the window with only a valance on the upper half.

door curtain Door curtains - window treatments on a door need to be affixed to the door itself to prevent it from getting stuck between the door and the door frame. Door curtains are hung onto a rod that is attached to the upper part of the door, somewhere above the glass. A neat idea is to attach another rod on the bottom under the window creating a shirred look. For a finished look this shirred piece can be tied together in the center; this is called an hourglass curtain.

Wall curtains - cover the wall from one corner to the other, usually covering a number of windows in the process. Due to the voluminous size these curtains are hung and operated with tracks or traverse rods rather than a regular curtain rod.

Curtain headers

The headers of curtains add a lot of style. Most commonly used is the pinch pleat. Pencil pleats, which looks like smocking, and various other shirring designs on the first few inches on the top of the curtain, gives a unique effect to the curtain.

Curtain hardware

There a number of ways to attach your curtains

  • Rod pockets pulled over the rod
  • Rings hung onto rods
  • Rods that have tracks called traverse rods

Curtains or Drapery?

Are they the same or different? Find out difference between curtains and draperies .

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