Are Cottage Shutters and Traditional Shutters the same?

Traditional shutters frequently called colonial shutters or cottage shutters, originate from the colonial times. Although it's first use was in the northeastern states, this quaint style has rapidly spread to the rest of the country.

So what makes these shutters traditional or colonial?

It's the unique wedge-shaped louver. It's thicker on one side, so when the louvers are tilted full room darkening is achieved.

Also the windows were rather small, that's why the louvers are only 1 1/4 inch wide. Since each panel needs a certain amount of louvers for it to look right and if the panel is small, the louvers also have to be narrow to be able to accommodate a minimum amount of louvers.

At first the colonists used shutters instead of windows because they couldn't afford glass and shutters provided protection at night and could be easily opened by day.

The original colonial shutters did not have any louvers at all, just a solid insert, but eventually this style was transformed with the louvered version. Sometimes a hybrid was used; louvers only on the upper half and the lower half solid.

Another style that is quite common for colonial shutters is the double-hung shutters. It has two rows of panels and each row operates separately from the other. When the upper half is opened it looks like and functions like cafe shutters.

Sometimes cottage shutters are inside and other times they are outside. If they are outside in coastal areas they need to pass the local standards for hurricane shutters. In other areas that do not need storm protection outdoor traditional shutters provide decoration for period style homes.

Today colonial shutters are used in all types of homes not only traditional or colonial but they look best when used in small windows in quaint cottage or country style homes.

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