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Casement Windows with Door

by Danielle
(Western MA)


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Two large casement windows with glass sliding door in between. Sliding glass door already has vertical blinds. All get full sun. This is in living room-all colors are light. Windows and door are about the same height.


This is a tricky situation since the casement windows are long and narrow versus the wide sliding doors. What is ideal for the window might not be aesthetically pleasing for the room.

Vertical blinds on the casement windows will make all the windows flow together. Especially since the height is the same it feels right. This is only true when the vertical blinds are closed. However when the verticals are opened you might feel that there is too much stacking on the side of the narrow window.

You can also look into covering the casement windows with horizontal blinds that match to the vertical blinds. Check with the store where you bought the verticals if they have matching horizontals. The advantage of horizontal blinds is that it stacks on the top of the window which is appropriate for a tall and narrow window.

If you do go with vertical blinds make sure that the stacking is on the outer sides of the windows. You can also make the vertical blinds a little wider so that the stacking is on the wall. But this depends on your preference since it will make the windows look wider when closed.

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Four windows near slider

by Sharon


You will see in the photos that I have four windows (two smaller above to larger) next to a slider. It is a east facing wall and I need to have the flexibility to adjust the lighting as the sun moves. In addition, as you look through the upper windows you see the stucco wall of the neighbors' house.

I have put two homemade "screens in the upper windows to difffuse the light and block the neighbors' house.

I do not love vertical blinds, but am now thinking about putting matching vericals in the upper windows with a similar one-piece padded cornice/valance over those.

To minimize the impact of all of this, I am thinking about covering the cornice/valance with a lighter color that blends with the wall paint.

Do have any other options besides verticals that will give me a peaceful, functional, and coordinated look between the slider and the windows?


If you can get horizontal blinds in the same material as your vertical blinds for the upper windows it would be a pleasant coordination to your other windows.

Regardless if you use vertical or horizontal blinds, maybe you should wait before putting up a cornice. It's possible that it will not be necessary and overdone.

First see how your windows look without them you might be happier this way.

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