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ceiling is all windows--9- 6'x 4' wide

by HotNMichigan


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I have all windows in my ceiling in my dining room. Direct sunlight enters and the room is miserable with the temp being very hot. What can I use to cover the windows? What are your thoughts? An AC has proven useless in there. It's beautiful at night seeing the sky and stars. Daytime the room is scorching. I have gone through a dining room table (warped and fell apart) due to the heat and direct sunlight.


this is a tricky situation!

You can try using skylight window treatments but I can't know if there is place near the windows to mount it. The tension controlled mechanism that comes with skylight shades should work with your ceiling windows, however I am concerned about the large size glass that needs to be covered being a problem.

You can look into covering your ceiling windows with cellular shades, vertical blinds, or mini blinds specially made for skylights since you will surely need the appropriate mechanism to keep the shade from sagging or the blinds from hanging downwards.

Shutters, custom made for your window, is a unique solution that will add an architectural look to your home. But thinking of the havoc the beating sun did to your dining room table I am concerned about how the shutters will survive the conditions.

Window film is also a way to block the sunlight while keeping your view at night. Before ordering make sure that the window film that you ordered will do the right job. The direct sunlight will diminish the protection that the window film provides.

Considering that the room is a scorcher use the most light blocking fabrics for the best results.

You can also try covering your glass from the outside. This will do a good job with the sun but you will also block your view from the stars at night.

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