Blackout Window Coverings

Do you crave total darkness so that you should be able to sleep in peace? Blackout window coverings are a must for you. Check out your options:

Who needs room darkening or blackout
window treatments?

Did you know...

92 million people are sleep deprived

Over 200,000 automobile accidents every year are related to the lack of sleep

Melatonin an important hormone that helps you sleep is produced only in the dark.

36% of Americans (that's 65 million people) have trouble sleeping

20% of light enters through closed eyelids
  • Night shift workers need to get their sleep by day. Studies have shown that darkness makes you sleep better and makes you better rested.

  • Babies (and their frazzled parents) need to nap by day and with room darkening shades you can help them feel like it is at night so they can sleep more easily.

  • If a strong light shines into your bedroom at night blackout window coverings will dim that light more than any other window treatment.

  • or you simply need total darkness to be able to sleep.

  • Room darkening window treatments also promotes complete privacy by day and at night.

Here are a number of blackout window covering solutions that you can try:

Blackout Window Film

Black window film will provide privacy only during the day, however applying three layers of window film can help you achieve full darkness in most lighting conditions.

Easy to apply, removable and reusable, it is a great economical solution. Here you can find more information and how to purchase black window film.

Blackout Window Blinds

Most hard window treatments like shades and blinds have a room darkening version. By using foil liners, routless slats, side tracks, or special room darkening fabrics, light is kept out of the room.

Blackout Draperies

Draperies can be made room darkening by adding a special blackout drapery liner. Blackout draperies are also used to reduce noise and insulate against cold or heat.

To purchase blackout window treatments in the New York, New Jersey Metro area click here.

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