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Best Window Treatment to Watch Birds and Indoor Plants

by Flora


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We enclosed a back porch and had a window that is non-opening in the middle with a double-hung window on each side of the larger window. They are south-facing and I wanted them for my indoor plants and to be able to view birds in our back yard. The double-hung windows are 20" by 48" and the center window is 43" by 49". I have plants in these windows. The window faces the back yard.

There is a smaller west-facing window (24" by 41") that has a bird feeder outside it. There are no plants there. My cats like to sit on my desk there, and that keeps the birds away!

On top of all this, my husband is complaining about all the heat that is coming in from those windows!

I want to keep my plants, and watch the birds! Is there a solution?

I wondered about using your solar reflective film, but didn't know whether birds could see in through it. Also wondered whether it would keep my plants from thriving?

Or, should I use two different films-one for the plant window and one for the bird window?! I'd appreciate your help in this.


The best window film for sensitive indoor plants are the solar reflective and Heat Control films like the platinum window film or the heat control light window film. These films transmit higher amounts of visible light spectrum that plants need for healthy photosynthesis. Darker films (like Glare Control or black) block too much of that light.

To help your plants get used to the change in light adjust them over a five-day period as described below:

Day One: Move the plants one foot away from the window and into the room.

Day Two: Move them another foot in.

Day three: Apply the heat control window film.

Day four: Move the plants a foot closer to the windows.

Day Five: Move them another foot closer to the window (back to their original place).

About your other window where your cat scares the birds away. Solar reflective window film is not designed to provide privacy so I don't know if it will help you for this.

You should put a daytime privacy window treatment on that window. One idea is mirror window film but I don't know how birds will react to seeing their own reflection.

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Feb 19, 2011
Problem with reflective window treatments
by: Anonymous

Birds fly into reflective windows and the film will make this worse. A robin can spend a whole season flying against and "fighting" his reflection which leaves streaks on the window.

A screen on the outside can cushion a bird that flies into a window. Unfortunately our new home uses screens that insert on the inside of the window.

Jun 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information. I will come back soon here for more details.

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