Bay Window Curtain Rod

bay window drapery

With a bay window curtain rod you can dress your bay window easily and beautifully.

Picture this. You want to hang curtains or a valance on your bay window and you start installing rods, one in the center and two on each side. What happens? The two side rods cross over the center rod making the sides higher than the center. Or the center curtain snags into the side curtains. In short putting up three separate rods for a bay window is messy and will never look professional.

For this reason you need a special bay window curtain rod that will allow you to hang your bay curtain with ease. The sides and the center will meet at the angles smoothly and neatly.

We have this adjustable bay rod that will fit many bay windows regardless of size. The center part will fit windows 36 to 63 inches and the sides are 18 to 46 inches.

It can hold medium to heavy draperies so it's perfect for most of your bay draperies or curtains. The bay rod has a no snag threader which allows the curtain to glide smoothly onto the rod without getting stuck at the place where the rod is adjusted.

Bay Curtain Rod

  • Two adjustable side rods 18–46"
  • One adjustable center rod 36–63"
  • 2 1/2" projection
  • Holds medium to heavy curtains and draperies
bay curtain rod

Bay Window Adjustable Rod

just $23.95

Bay Window Valance Rod

The bay curtain rod is great for curtains or drapery if you only need one layer but what if you want to do a more complicated bay window treatment. Suppose that in addition to your curtains you want to add a valance in front or you want to layer curtains closer to the window and draperies in front of the curtains.

With the bay window combination rod you can do so much more. It not only allows the valance to protrude 4 to 6 inches leaving space for curtains, there is a special place within the rod bracket for curtain rods or traverse rods. It sort of allows you to combine all the rods into one combination rod.

Bay Window Valance/Combination Rod

  • Two adjustable side rods 20-42"
  • One adjustable center rod 38-64"
  • 4-6" projection leaving a 3 1/2-5 1/2" clearance
  • Can be combined with adjustable bay curtain rod or bay traverse rod
bay valance rod

Bay Window Valance Rod

just $64.95

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