Balloon Valances

Balloon valances are called this way because they are made into the shape of the balloon by puffing up the fabric.

The Balloon is an extremely versatile valance style. Depending on the type of fabric and/or the style of the balloon, it can be used forkitchen to dining room to kids room and with decorating styles that range from elegant to formal to casual.

Here are some variations of balloon valances you can try:

  • Cloud Valance: This is a graceful valance with billowing folds that pulls up into scallops on the bottom forming "clouds". The top of the valance is gathered to add fullness.
  • Add style to the top of the valance with rod pocket, shirred, piping, stand-up ruffle or pencil pleated headings.

    Or trim the bottom with beaded fringes, tassels, or ruffles.

  • Or for a more modern look try the Pleated Cloud Valance. Inverted box pleats between scallops accentuate the "clouds" that start out flat on top scrunched up only on the bottom.
  • For trimming add bows or buttons in even rows to close the pleats.

  • The Austrian Valance is the shortened version of the Austrian shade with the tightly shirred fabric scalloped across.
  • Trim the scallops with fringes or ruffles. For a formal look add jabots between the scallops and cascades on the outer edges.

  • A Butterfly Valance is very similar to a cloud valance but the two sides hang downwards like two "wings"; hence the name butterfly.
  • The butterfly valance has just one scallop on the center bottom. The place where the scallop pulls upwards it is tied with a bow. On the two outer sides of the valance two "wings" float downward.

    When this cute style is made with a pretty fabric it looks like a pretty butterfly.

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