Austrian Shades

Combine the look of drapery with the function of a window shade and you will get Austrian Shades.

Of all the fabric shades, Austrian Shades is the best at mimicking drapery.

In these Victorian window shades, vertical rows of shirring are scalloped upwards resulting in a shade with a swagged appearance.

This soft, formal and traditional treatment is usually made of sheer fabrics or lace, but there is no need to limit yourself to these fabrics when they can be made with many other light and medium weight drapery fabrics.

The lower edge can be adorned with trimmings like tassels or beaded fringes which adds to the custom drapery look.

For a varied and unusual effect try using a few different size scallops on one Austrian window shade.

Like all other fabric shades it looks like a drapery when it is let down but folds up neatly as it is pulled up.

Although it is very stunning when used alone yet for a more formal look it can be surrounded with drapes and valances.

If you have arched windows you can makes Austrian shades for it, too. Below you can see Austrian window shade that we made for arch windows.

If you find the traditional Austrian style too sumptuous but still like the swagged look, a neater appearance in the same theme is the string Austrian shades.

It is made up of strings scalloped across the shade. Like you see in the picture at the left, gold strings are often added at intervals and there are tassels inserted into every corner on the lower edge and on the valance.

When folded up the folds also form scallops which gives it a special charm.

The beauty of this shade is that it has the swag affect, yet it pleases those who prefer more simple decorations.

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