Arched Window Treatment Ideas

Are you looking for arched window treatment ideas?

Arch windows add an old world charm to any home. They give an air of elegance and sophistication. But there's one area that these special windows seem to give the homeowners trouble.

How are these windows covered?

Here are some window treatment ideas that will help you cover your special arched window:

NEW! Arched Window Blind

arch blinds

Exactly what you dreamed about for your arched window.

An arched window blind made from wood composite that is fully functional!

Choose between opening completely for light and to show the arch's unique architecture and closing it to provide privacy and darkness and of course anything in between.

When the blind is completely open nothing blocks your view or spoils the beauty of your arch window because an elegant molding hides the blinds.

Can also be used for windows that have a window with blinds below the arch.

The Sunburst

arch fabric sunburst

The arch can be filled in with a shirred fabric starting out on the arched edge and gathered together in the center like a sunburst. Sometimes a rosette is added to the center for decoration.

This type of arched window treatment will either filter or block the glaring sun from shining in and likewise mute or block the outside view, depending on the opaqueness of the fabric used.

When covering the rest of the windows with curtains of the same fabric for a uniform look in the room, this treatment will add a special softness to the arch and to the room.

The sunburst is mainly used in arches that are separated from the window below. Since it is not operable it is recommended for windows that are high up rather than at regular height.

Fabric sunbursts are also very popular with other shapes like circle, oval, triangle, eyebrow, trapezoid, and octagon because of its ability to be adapted into any shape. The beauty of it is that it can be used in rooms that have more than one type specialty shaped window.

The fabric sunburst can be custom ordered to fit your window, or you can make it yourself with this sunburst window treatment kit.

Pleated Shades

pleated shades

Pleated arch window shades are stationary sunburst arches. The arch window needs to be a perfect arch to be able to use pleated shades. It is made in widths up to 72".

Although pricing for custom made arch pleated shades range at about $150- to $350-, You can now get economical arch pleated shades at just $29.95. It can be fitted into any arch window up to 72" wide by following simple instructions that are included with the shade.

Also check out this neat trick how to make the shades open and close!

Arch Shutters

arch shutters

The arch shutter is also known as the sunburst shutter. Unlike the fabric sunburst this arched window treatment is partially operable, because of the ability to move the louvers.

Sunburst Arch Mock Shutters

sunburst shutter

This is an economical arched window treatment that matches to other wood blinds or shutters in the room. This arch is custom-built to the specific shape of your window and painted or stained to custom color-match wood blinds, faux wood blinds and shutters. You can also add a matching molding to the arch to complement the adjoining shutters.(see photo)

The arch has openings that go in a sunburst shape similar to a sunburst shutter. These opening can easily be closed when privacy or light control is needed.

For more information on mock shutters click here.

Soft Arch Fabric Shades

soft arch shade

If you want to be able to open your arched window treatment to have a view when you want it, you can now get the new innovative fabric soft arch made from the same material that are used for fabric shades. It opens from the center and reveals a full view of the outside. The arch does not have to be perfect to use these soft arches - a 2" leeway is allowed.

The fabric is backed with a Roc-Lon room darkening backing and the shade can also be motorized.

The price for these shades are $1500- and upwards with an upcharge for motorization.

Sunburst Cellular Shades

arch window

The same system like the soft arch shades is available for cellular shades. It opens from the center and it can be opened or closed or anything in between, so you can choose privacy or view as you need it. .

Pricing depends on size and fabric used. It starts at $950- for full arch and $650- for quarter arch.

Motorization is available at an upcharge.

(We can use most popular fabrics like Hunter Douglas, Graber and Polaris for this arched window treatment)

Horizontal Cellular Shades

arch cellular shades

Another way to use cellular shades for arched window treatments is with the cellular fabric running horizontally and simply lowering down the shade to expose the arch. This method will give a uniform appearance to the whole room since all shades including the arch run in the same direction. (see photo on the right with three stages of the cellular arch, one almost completely opened, the second partially opened, and the third completely closed.)

Pricing depending on fabric starts at $350- to $1000- for widths up to 72". Oversize windows (up to 144" wide) start at $1300- to $3,500- and only comes with Hunter Douglas fabric.

Hard and Soft Window Treatments

If you have hard or soft window treatments for the other windows of your room you might want to cover your arch window with the same type of window covering. Here are some of the arched window treatments available:

arch Silhouette
  • Silhouette - This is a stationary arched window treatment; it can not be raised or lowered and the vanes cannot be tilted, however the vanes are in the open position to let light in.

  • Vignette - This modern roman shade window treatment is now available in shapes like arches so that it can match other shades in the room. The arch shades cannot be opened or closed. It is made in widths up to 72". Pricing for this starts at about $500- to $1000-.

  • Wood Blinds in arch window blinds are not operable. They are simply tilted at a 45 degree angle to let light in while maintaining some privacy.

Now what do you want to do now?

Don't need to cover the arch? Use drapery and valances to decorate your arch for a unique look. See our unique window treatments for ideas for arched window treatments.

Do you have a different type of arch to cover?

Here you can see arched window treatments for:

When you cover your arched window come back to tell us about it!

Ask the Expert!

Still unsure which arched window treatment to use for your arch window? You can simply Ask the Expert!

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How can I keep in the arch light coming into the room and still make them modern?

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Arched Window Treatment Ideas

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Mock Shutter

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