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Arched Window

by Heather


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Hello! I have a 78" wide perfect half circle window, 39" tall. It's in my bedroom. We currently have temporary (paper) blinds up, but it does very little to block sunlight in the mornings.

I see your sunburst arch; my outside (arch) length is about 122 inches. This is shorter than the available 46" kit plus 92" kit - can you shorten the curtain rods yourself?

I have also asked for a cost estimate for the mock sunburst shutters. I went to Lowe's last night, and the blinds and shutters I was interested in there were going to be $1100. The cellular shades (which I think still look like temporary shades) were going to be $460. I was really hoping to keep this less expensive than that.

We just moved into this house a week and a half ago, and this window is my biggest challenge right now. Any help or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Arched windows are a special challenge because they are too beautiful to lose, yet still important to cover. You need to get something that will not hide the beauty of your window while serving the function of a window covering.

If you want the sunlight completely blocked you will need to with a room darkening window covering like the mock shutters.

The fabric sunburst will protect from the sun according to the fabric used. Sheers are usually used for the sunburst, but you might want to look into using other light to medium weight fabric for more sun protection.

The sunburst kit rods can be easily cut to the correct size needed.

Good Luck and hopefully you will enjoy your lovely arched window fully.

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Dec 08, 2010
Flexible rods
by: Wendy Gordon

The flexible rods are easy to cut to size with a little hacksaw. I did NOT do a sunburst with them, instead I used them to hang curtain panels that I made for a large arched top window. (Lived with cheapy straight roller shade for almost 10 years thinking that someday I would splurge and have a pro make them! Ha!) But I did successfully make them with fabric that was much thicker/heavier than sheer. The directions that come with the kit are specifically for the sunburst, but I wouldn't attempt it unless you are fairly handy.

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by Candyce
(Sierra Vista, AZ, USA)


My window is ONLY the Arch--coming up from a base of 7'10" (84") across-- while the top of the arch is 4'10 1/2" (58 1/2") from the base. Fixed starburst is ugly, extremely expensive, and takes away the whole reason for having such a large window (to see the mountains). So, ideas?? It is in the kitchen, so big draperies don't seem really what would work, the way they might in a livingroom....but maybe....I just don't know--the flooring is pinkish/tan tile, the cabinets are clear golden oak.


You want to be able to see the mountains, yet be able to close the shades as needed?

You should go with the top-down cellular shades which can be opened and closed as needed and does not block the view at all when opened.

It works by compressing the cellular fabric to the base of the window.

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