Arch Window Shade

You don't have to spend a fortune on your arch window shade. This is the economical shade that you have been waiting for!

Unlike other low cost shades, these are made from 100% non-woven polyester fabric not paper!

This fabric arch shade can be custom fit to fit into any perfect arch window up to 36" x 72" with a minimum ledge of 1 1/2".

Although it is a stationary arch, there is a special trick that you can make it open and close as needed.

The shade only comes in white however you can choose to customize with any fabric by following these instructions.

Fabric Arch Window Shade

  • Fits half-round arch windows with bases measuring up to 72"
  • Trim to custom fit
  • Easy installation: no drill, no screws, no brackets - just peel and stick.
  • Reduces sun glare to help prevent UV fading
  • Available Colors: White (you can customize the shade to match your décor.)
  • Material: 100% Non-Woven Polyester
  • Minimum window depth 1.5"
  • Fits perfect arches
arch pleated fabric shade

Color: White

Size: Up to 36" x 72"
Price: $29.95

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Trick to make your arch shade open and close

pleated shade

This arch window shade is originally made to be stationary - just for privacy, sun protection and decoration.

But with this neat trick you can make it open and close:

  1. In addition to your fabric arch shade purchase a piece of stick-on VELCRO®

  2. Follow the instructions on how to cut the arch to your size. Also cut the VELCRO® to the same size.

  3. Peel the tape from the side that you want should be closed and place it in the holder

  4. Remove the tape from the other side and the tape from one side of the VELCRO®. Tape the VELCRO® to the shade together.

  5. Remove the tape from the other side of the VELCRO® and open the fan style into the holder. (make sure to keep the adhesive clean).

  6. Position the holder on the window sill.

  7. When you want to open the window shade you will separate VELCRO® and manually open the fan to the other side and fan it back and reattach the VELCRO® to close.

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