Arch Window Coverings

various arch windows

Different types of arch windows need different arch window coverings.

So, which type of arch is your window?

Perfect arch

This is the arch that is exactly twice as wide as its height. It is called perfect because of its perfect symmetry. You can find arch window coverings for the perfect arch on our arch window treatment page.

Now, not everybody is perfect including arch windows, so what window treatment is used for an imperfect arch window?

If the imperfection is slight and is off with up to 2 inches, some, but not all, arch window treatments can be made to fit the imperfect arch.

Elliptical Window - These are the arches that are wider than twice the height of the window.

Eyebrow Window - This arch is like the elliptical arch but it has straight sides making the window taller.

You can find window treatments for elliptical and eyebrow windows here.

Arch Top Windows - These windows are rectangular windows on the bottom and arched on the top. They are called extended arch windows because they are arch windows with an extension or Bullet arch windows. This page will be dedicated for arch window treatments for these arches as you can see below.

Palladian Windows or Palladium have arch windows in the center and is flanked by two other windows on the sides. You will find window treatment ideas for Palladian windows here.

Extended Arch Window Treatments

Here are some window treatment ideas that can be used on these arch top windows:

Arch Shutters

arch shutters

Arch shutters are an ideal window treatment for this type of window. The shutters are shaped exactly like the window and open in the center for full use of the windows.

bi-fold arch shutters

If the arch is wide a four panel bi-fold system is used to open the arch. The bi-fold system is also used on narrower arches with two panels if you want the arch to open to one side only.

The louvers of these shutters are usually horizontal but they can sometimes be made with sunburst shutters on the upper part too.

Arch shutters are available in wood and faux wood.

Arch Cellular Shades

This is one type of arch window coverings that will allow you to fully open and close it.

How is that possible for an arch top window? Where will the shade stack if the top is rounded and narrower?

The answer is simple!

The cellular shades will stack on the side that is straight - the bottom. By using a top-down operation this pretty window covering can be made to fit any arched window including half-arches.

These shades are available in Hunter Douglas Applause and Duette light filtering fabric and in the Architella both light filtering and room darkening fabric. And can be made in practically any size.

Prices of course depend on the size of the window and the fabric used. Here is some pricing to give you an idea of how much the cost would be.

Applause Legends $850- for the smallest size, $1100 for 36" x 60", $1500 for 60" x 96", and $2325- for 96" x 144".

Duette Classic $895- for the smallest size, $1200 for 36" x 60", $1650 for 60" x 96", and $2725- for 96" x 144".

Architella Classic $995- for the smallest size, $1200 for 35" x 60", $1700- for 60" x 96", and $2825- for 96" x 144".

Applause Classic Eclipse $1040- for the smallest size, $1295- for 35" x 60", $1895- for 60" x 96", and $3150- for 96" x 144".

A motorized version is available.

We also have a lower cost version of the arched shade in other high quality cellular fabric. There are however more limitations like size (only up until 84" wide and 72" high) and shape (not available in half arch).

The prices for this lower cost option range from $250- to $800- for light filtering fabric and $350- to $1000- for room darkening fabric.

Fabric Shades

fabric arch shade

Fabric shades with their lovely appeal can be made with arched tops too. These shades can be opened up until where the arched part starts.

Some specialized window treatment shops have created arch window coverings from Austrian shades , cloud shades, Roman shades, etc.

Arched Window Curtains and Draperies

arch curtains

Windows with arched tops can be covered with curtains or draperies. They can be hung on to special flexible curtain rods, simply attached to the inside of the arch, or hung just outside the arch in a more decorative way, like with medallions.

Hold backs or Tiebacks are used when the curtains or drapes need to be held open.

This arch window covering will keep the architectural look of the window, while allowing the convenience of choosing between privacy and view.

Take a look at this easy to make arched curtain kit.

Vertical Blinds

arch verticals

Vertical blinds can come with an innovative curved track for arches, therefore they can be completely opened and rotated.

However, since the vertical blinds stack at the highest point in the track, in an arch top window it will stack in the center.

More Ideas

You can use arch window coverings designed for a perfect arch and put it on top of a regular window shade to make a window treatment for an extended arch. Below are some of those that will work this way.

When you cover your extended arch window come back to tell us about it!

Ask the Expert!

Still unsure which arched window treatment to use for your arch window? You can simply Ask the Expert!

Arch Window Treatment FAQs

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