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Arch Flexible Rod


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I'm sure this is one of those 'dumb' questions, but I had to ask to be sure:)

I have a Eyebrow window above my front door. While it's very pretty just the way it is, I need to put up something so you can't see right into my upstairs hallway. My plan is to make something out of sheers. This way, you can still see the window, but offers some privacy at the same time.

I read about your Arch/flexible rods, and it sounds like it would be perfect. (Fingers crossed) After reading, it appears I would need to install it on the surrounding molding,as there is nothing to support a bracket on the inside of the window frame. As far as measurements go - 46 inch is too small/96 inch is too big. Here's the stupid question..........

I have to assume this rod is made like others, and the 46 extends up to 90+ inches - correct?

I just don't want to order the wrong size.

Thanks so much for your time!



Hi Shannon

These rods are different than the adjustable rods you are thinking of.

The 46" kit has a single 46" rod that needs to be cut to size (this can be done easily with a hacksaw.) Unless, of course, if you need exactly 46 inches.

The 92" kit has two of the 46" rods with a splice that connects the two rods, neatly. If you need anything between 46 and 92 inches, you will also need to cut it.

I hope this answers your question. If you need to know anything else do not hesitate to ask.

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