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French Doors

by Annette


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The side doors of this french door open in and the center door opens out. The door itself is vinyl and did not want to drill or attach hardward permanently to the vinyl frame.

There is a narrow wood trim surrounding the door and the wall between the door and upper window is drywall. I want to leave the upper window uncovered.

I also have bamboo shades on the other windows of the same room.


Hi Annette

If you don't want to drill onto the door itself you will have to open the shade to complete expose the door for full use of the door.

If you want to match to your other windows you can either install bamboo shades right above the doors. You will have to open them completely to use the side doors which open inwards and almost completely to use the center doors whcih open outwards.

Or you can get sliding panels also from bamboo. The track should be installed right above the doors and the panels should open from the center. The tracks should extend enough on the side of the doors so that the stacking is only on the wall and does not block the door operation.

With sliding panel you will have to open them only enough to operate the door you want to use.

Although your doors are French doors you might be able to get some ideas from our sliding door window treatment page.

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Shades for an Entry Door?


I have a front entry door with all glass panels. The entry door has the look of French doors.

I would like to add some privacy but still have the ability to let in sunlight when I want.

My husband does not like the curtain look because he feels it adds a country look to the house. He thinks shades will work but I have never seen shades on a front entry door so I do not think they would look appropriate for an entry door.

Any suggestions?

The entry door has all glass sidelights.


Cellular shades are the way to go for French doors or entry doors like yours. The light filtering cellular shade fabric allows the sunlight in and some privacy.

The cellular shades are mounted in front of your French glass (most of the time outside mount is necessary). With a touch of a finger you can move the shade up or down. You can choose either bottom op operation only, or you can choose both top down and bottom up.

With the top-down design you can allow light in from the top yet having privacy below.

You can have the sidelight shades from cellular fabric, too. Our sidelight shades work the same way as those for the French door.

Check out our sidelight shades. If your door window is less than 24" wide you can order it on our sidelight page. But if it is wider just contact me and I will help you with ordering it.

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