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by Cora
(Bemidji, MN)

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We have a vaulted ceiling with four triangular windows that look very similar to the windows pictured in the siloutte window covering photo (the top four in the photo of that house). Our windows are in that exact configuration.

We are looking for a product that will help with energy efficiency as we receive no sun through them during cold Northern Minnesota winters and direct sunlight through them during the summer months.


Cellular shades are an energy efficient solution for any window, especially in a case where such a big part of the wall is window.

You would have to do one big triangular shade for all windows together. You would use a bottom top-down cellular shade which opens by compressing and stacking towards the bottom. You would then need one ledge below the windows where the shade can be stacked onto.

When the shades are closed you would get privacy and energy efficiency, but when they are open you can have sunlight and full view.

These cellular shades are made from Hunter Douglas fabrics which are of high quality and are very energy efficient. For the best energy efficiency get it with the Hunter Douglas Architella fabrics.

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A-Frame Cabin window dilemma

by Amy
(San Diego)


We recently purchased an A-Frame cabin built in the '70s. One end of the cabin is all windows. There are two sliders at the base of the A - and we're lucky enough that they appear to have been recently added dual-pane sliding doors. We have installed fabric lined wooden shades over the sliders for privacy and to block the sun.

Above the Sliders are a series of window panes that make up the remainder of the A-Shape. Unfortunately, before we purchased the cabin, a number of the trees on the lot had to be removed due to beetle infestation. As a result, the afternoon sun beats in those upper windows making the temperature in the cabin very hot and we're worried about sun damage to the flooring and furniture.

We were able to install a solar shade on a portion of the exterior, but it has had only a minor impact as there are still large areas uncovered. The upper windows are thin (1/8" estimated) glass.

A neighbor suggested a bottom-up shade with a single pulley mounted on the inside? We are also considering having window film installed?

Any guidance you might have would be greatly appreciated. Our key problems are heat control (yet we do need the light from the windows - the cabin is all wood and a bit dark inside). We also want to prevent damage to our furnishings.

Thanks in advance.



Look into these options:

  • Reflective window film will reflect the sunlight and heat away from the window while letting some light come in.

  • Our unique trapezoid window shades will allow you to enjoy your windows fully. When closed no part of the window is exposed yet light will come in via the light filtering faberic. However at the times that the sunlight is not bothering it can be pulled up and stacked on the angled slope so that the whole window is exposed.

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Oct 02, 2010
same problem
by: Anonymous

I have that same problem and would like to hear what you did.

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Triangle Windows in A Frame Cabin


On this A framed cabin the full front is window. Going from the point at the top all the way to the bottom in the triangle shape. /\ There ia a wood beam running across the mid top to suport the house frame. The windows go to points on either side of the room. Making it a perfect triangle.

Can you help with some ideas? Window coverings need to be closed at night for privacy and open to view of gulf water. Thank You in advance for your assistance.



Hi Brenda

Your window sounds similar to this impossible triangle window however with our top-down cellular shades it is not impossible anymore.

The cellular shades are installed on the base of the window. To open the shade for view you just compress the cellular shade towards the base and to close the shade for privacy the shade is pulled up to the top.

You can have it in either manual cord operation or motorized. it comes in most of Hunter Douglas cellular and Architella fabrics.

To order please contact us for a price quote.

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