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A Frame Windows

by Jan Owens


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Is it possible to completely cover and open window treatments on these windows? I'd like to be able to open and close window treatments on these windows.

It would be nice to block the sun and still have visibility.(window film?)

But I'd like to be able to cover some for a little privacy.

Any ideas?


If you are looking for shades that open and close on odd shaped windows you have come to the right place. We have operable window coverings for almost every shape. Our unique window treatments are made from cellular shade material from Hunter Douglas.

Your wall of windows has five different shape windows.
  • The isosceles triangle (on top)

  • Narrow top tapered windows (the two sides in the middle)

  • Tall right triangles (the two sides on the bottom

  • Rectangular - which is no problem to cover, of course.

  • The French door

The trickiest to cover are the odd shaped ones, of course. However we have the solution for you.

On all three odd windows shapes that you have we have top-down cellular shades, where the headrail is on the bottom and the shade opens by compressing towards the bottom and closes by being lifted towards the top of the window.

When the windows are open the only thing that you will see is a low profile cord (to which you will get used to to the point that you will not see it anymore). The cord will be at either at the tallest part of the window or close to it.

On the narrow top tapered windows you will have an additional moving headrail on the horizontal top that will move down with the shade as you open it.

The rectangular windows are easy to cover with regular cellular shades from Hunter Douglas which will match to the odd shaped ones. Just first make sure that the fabric you choose can be made for the other windows since less fabrics are available for the odd shapes windows than for the rectangular ones.

You might want to get top-down shades for the rectangular windows too, so that all windows give a more uniform appearance.

The French door can be fitted with outside mount cellular shades. The most convenient way is to use top-down shades and secure it with hold-down brackets that the shades do not swing when the door is opened and closed.

You can choose for these windows, cellular shade fabrics from Hunter Douglas Applause, Duette or Architella collections. You will need to choose a light filtering fabric (level three). But if you want room darkening you can choose a room darkening fabric from the Architella collection, too.

For more information and other discussions about these odd shaped windows see:

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