Solving Your Window Problems with Valances

Problem: The hardware of your primary window treatment is unappealing?

Solution: Don’t limit yourself as to what window treatment to use because of this. Choose the window treatment that is right for your situation. Now just add a valance you love; and you have the perfect window treatment!

Problem: You want to have beautiful soft treatments like drapery but the room is too small and you are afraid it will be too overpowering?

Solution: A valance is more appropriate for a small room than sumptuous drapes making it feel more open and airy . Valances are like mini draperies, they have the beauty yet they lack the volume. Similar to draperies, valance styles range from simple to elaborate; and they can be made with the same fabrics, hardware, and trimmings as draperies.

Problem: You love draperies but they’re just to pricey.

Solution: Some types of valances require very little fabric making it considerably more budget-friendly.

Problem: Your window is in a place where privacy and light control is not an issue and you prefer not to block the view; yet you do not feel comfortable leaving your window bare.

Solution: Dress your window with a valance. You will give it a finished look without blocking the view .

Problem: You have two different sized windows on one wall.

Problem: Your window is disproportioned either tall and narrow or short and wide.

Solution: Place or size your valance strategically to change the size or shape of the window.

If you need a valance just give us a call at 718-438-4859 ext. 1 or e-mail us at for professional design help.

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P.S. We are planning to publish an e-book on valance ideas for arch windows. We will notify our subscribers as soon as it's available.

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