Since the sloped ceilings came into style, those trapezoid windows which looked so unique in the beginning are starting to irk the homeowners. The blazing sunlight glares into your eyes and heats up the house causing skyrocketing energy bills.

The way to solve these problems is by putting on window treatments.

But how in the world do you cover this funny shaped window?

Trapezoid windows have four sides, but with only one pair of parallel sides. Either one or both of the other two sides are at an angle. The ones we are discussing now have the angle on the top, because it is shaped like this by the sloping ceiling.

Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades

The thermal quality of cellular shades makes them the best choice for trapezoid windows. The layers of pleats in cellular shades form air pockets which provide another layer of insulation. This absorbs the heat keeping it from coming into your home.

Cellular shades are very popular for covering odd shaped windows. Hunter Douglas offers for the angle top window cellular shades that can be raised until the bottom of the slant; the angled part will remain stationary. Another great choice for angle top windows is the patented sliding headrail. With this headrail the cellular shade raises fully and even stacks to the very top of the window. This shade though, is designed to be used either in the fully raised or lowered position not midway.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are another choice for operable window treatments for trapezoid windows by using a special sloped track. Vanes are always stacked on the taller side.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds will give you the ability to control light and privacy in trapezoidal windows. Even though they cannot be raised or lowered, the slats are moveable this way you have the light control options.

Woven Woods

This unique window treatment, made from a combination of grasses, woods and bamboo, is available for an angle-top window only. The bottom of the shade can only be raised and lowered along the straight portion of the shade; in the fully raised position, a triangular area at the top of the shade remains covered.


To simply diffuse the light and match to the silhouette and luminette in the room, use silhouette window shadings for your trapezoid window treatments. These shadings are stationary, with vanes held in the open position.

Protected with a lovely window treatment, your trapezoid windows will add charm to your home once again. So why don't you get started with new window treatments for your trapezoid windows?

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