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70" quarter round or half arch windows.

by Eileen
(Warren, MI)


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We are purchasing a house with 2 large half arch windows at the second floor level of a vaulted ceiling great room.

The ceiling comes to a peak above the arches. Because of the peak, we can't put a rod across above the windows.

We need room darkening shades, but are having an extremely hard time because the arch of each window is 70 inches.

There is also the issue of not wanting to spend thousands of dollars to cover these windows to protect from the heat and UV of the sun.

Ideally we'd like the coverings to be operational so as to not block the views from the windows.

Would it be possible to use your window kits? What fabric or other material is used?

Are there other options? I'm stumped.



The sunburst kit is definitely the least expensive way for you to cover your quarter arches. However how room darkening it will be depends on the fabric used.

You can use either light or medium weight fabrics. Ideally sheers are used, and you can block sun glare with it and still allow light in.

If you need more light blocking, look into medium-weight fabrics. To know for sure how these fabrics will protect you from the sun, you will need to test it yourself at the window, since it depends on each situation separately.

Other options would be custom-made operable cellular and fabric shades, but you would be looking into the thousands of dollars range that you do not seem ready for.

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